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Zambia to South Africa via Botswana and Namibia: The final dash home [Part 2/2]

“I shed a proper tear the night before I left Walvis Bay. My friends and I had gone out for dinner to a brewery in Swakopmund, and it was in the car on the way back that I felt really… Continue Reading →

Zambia to South Africa via Botswana and Namibia: Elephants!!! [Part 1/2]

“Although we did not see any elephants in the Caprivi region, I sure did have a nerve-wrecking encounter in Botswana. I came across a small herd standing in the shade right next to the road. Because they were so close… Continue Reading →

Nkhata Bay to Livingstone: A broken hub and a tent-shaped hot air balloon [Part 3/3]

“That night I farted more and louder than I have ever done before. And it smelled pretty damn bad too. I farted so much I thought that, if my tent was not pegged down, it would take off like a… Continue Reading →

Nkhata Bay to Livingstone: Chiefs, hippos and crocs [Part 2/3]

“I wished though Chief Chikwa had warned me about the tsetse flies, which attacked me constantly for the next two days. Freaken hell it hurts when they bite. In hindsight I also wish that I paid attention when I was… Continue Reading →

Nkhata Bay to Livingstone: Shrödringer’s cat on antibiotics [Part 1/3]

“Clearly the infection had spread inside my finger. I decided to use the time in Mzuzu to go see a doctor. It was the right thing to do. The doctor was quite impressed with my bandaging skills, but was glad… Continue Reading →

An extraordinary adventure on Lake Malawi

“I feel embarrassed at how I was shouting, swearing and hitting my canoe that day. I thought about it a lot the following days. If I had just communicated my difficulties with my two friends earlier, asked for help a… Continue Reading →

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