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Antibiotic Resistance

The Tropical Diseases Research Center and the University Teaching Hospital (Zambia) [Part 2/2]

“I also asked them about their biggest challenges and greatest rewards. Again unanimously, they replied that a lack of a ‘proposal-writing-culture’, access to technology and reagents and losing talent to the outside were some of the biggest challenges at the… Continue Reading →

The Tropical Diseases Research Center and the University Teaching Hospital (Zambia) [Part 1/2]

Nelson Mandela – African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) at Arusha, Tanzania

Arusha lies at the foothills of Mnt Meru, Mnt Kilimanjaro’s little brother, and is the gathering point for many Serengeti safaris and Kilimanjaro excursions. Kilimanjaro is only about 60 km east of Meru, but as the highest free-standing mountain on… Continue Reading →

The Kenya Medical Research Institute, Nairobi (Kenya)

Last Friday, the 27th of May 2016, marked the ‘official-official’ start of my #Cycling4AntibioticAction & #ScienceInAfrica cycle tour. Although technically I have not begun touring yet, I did use my bicycle to navigate 8 km of the Nairobi roads, where… Continue Reading →

Did plasmids always carry resistance genes?

Bacteria have the amazing ability to transfer genetic information between completely unrelated species. There are various processes by which this can occur, but one particularly relevant process that happens quite frequently is plasmid-mediated conjugation. If you have not read some of my earlier… Continue Reading →

When antibiotic resistance genes become integrated into plasmids

A few years ago a friend went to the hospital for a nosebleed that wouldn’t stop. During a routine procedure in which the vein in her nose was cauterised she acquired a drug resistant Streptococcus infection in her sinuses. Then, to make matters… Continue Reading →

Why Antibiotic Action?

If you have been reading the news on a regular basis you may have noticed that pathogenic bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics at an alarming rate.  More so, if you live in certain parts of Africa or Asia you… Continue Reading →

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