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Zambia to South Africa via Botswana and Namibia: Elephants!!! [Part 1/2]

“Although we did not see any elephants in the Caprivi region, I sure did have a nerve-wrecking encounter in Botswana. I came across a small herd standing in the shade right next to the road. Because they were so close… Continue Reading →

Nkhata Bay to Livingstone: A broken hub and a tent-shaped hot air balloon [Part 3/3]

“That night I farted more and louder than I have ever done before. And it smelled pretty damn bad too. I farted so much I thought that, if my tent was not pegged down, it would take off like a… Continue Reading →

Nkhata Bay to Livingstone: Chiefs, hippos and crocs [Part 2/3]

“I wished though Chief Chikwa had warned me about the tsetse flies, which attacked me constantly for the next two days. Freaken hell it hurts when they bite. In hindsight I also wish that I paid attention when I was… Continue Reading →

An extraordinary adventure on Lake Malawi

“I feel embarrassed at how I was shouting, swearing and hitting my canoe that day. I thought about it a lot the following days. If I had just communicated my difficulties with my two friends earlier, asked for help a… Continue Reading →

Nairobi to Dar es Salaam – Part II

”Once the rain cleared up the Captain pulled into the shallows in front of some fancy resort and dropped the four of us, our two bicycles and all of our belongings right there on the beach. To the onlookers sipping… Continue Reading →

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